The electric scooters invaded many great cities in the country as a solution to congested urban mobility. However, we have seen how the same speed at which they appeared on the streets, they disappear from the majority of cities. Space with which electric bicycles gradually made. Next, we will show you the best electric bikes under 1000 you can buy today and everything you need to know about them, legislation, types, autonomy, prices.

A little history about electric bicycles

Electric bicycles or also called e-bike can be something modern for many; however, the history of the real dirt bikes goes back more than 100 years ago. Specifically, it was between 1866 and 1867, even before, when the first appearance of a motorized bicycle remembered, yes, it used a steam engine and an internal combustion engine. However, one of the first patents that registered for electric bikes is from 1895.

A couple of years later, in 1897, W. Libbey invented an electric bicycle with two engines and two batteries, and the following year, a new patent for an electric bike that used a belt drive system was issued the following year. With the turn of the century, pulley systems replaced by a friction system with four engines, and a new patent appeared that showed the ability to use the pedals in combination, optionally, with the electric motor. Without a doubt, this is what most resembles the electric bicycle of today.

What is an electric bicycle, and how does it work?

As its name implies, an electric bicycle is a type of electric vehicle whose base is a traditional bicycle and to which an electric motor attached to it as an aid to its thrust or impulse. The power source is supplied by a battery that can be recharged by the power grid or solar panels.

Electric bicycles work thanks to an assisted pedaling system capable of detecting the pedaling speed or force transmitted to the pedals. By moving the pedal, the system provides power to the engine to help in the thrust or propulsion of the bicycle, while if it stops pedaling or stops, the engine will stop running automatically.

According to the European Union, electric bicycles can only be propelled by their engine while pedaling and may include an accelerator though it can only be effective while pedaling. Also, the motor must be switched off automatically when a speed of 25km/h reached, and its power cannot exceed 250W.

Traffic regulations on electric bicycles

When buying an electric bike, we must ensure that it complies with the legal regulations of our country since otherwise, its use limited, and we could find that we cannot use it for everything we want as we had thought. Therefore, we must have a lot of eyes when buying an electric bicycle in specific markets and make sure that it complies with the regulations.

Specifically, electric bicycles must be approved by the Ministry of Industry, following the UNE-EN 15194: 2009 standard. Some of the most important aspects are that the engine with which this type of vehicle equipped, should not exceed 250W, should automatically stop pedaling assistance when it reaches 25km / h and can only start operation while it pedaled. Otherwise, the regulations could be similar to those of mopeds, and therefore, it would be necessary to register the vehicle, have insurance, and the corresponding card.

As regards the traffic regulations, for the use of an electric bicycle it is mandatory to use the helmet on interurban roads and highways, as with the rest of conventional bikes, it must be driven along the way and not through the sidewalks, as well as respect and know the traffic rules.

Important when buying an electric bicycle

When purchasing an electric bike, the most important thing of all is to ensure that it complies with the corresponding regulations so that we can use it for the purpose we seek. The following is to think well about the use that we are going to give it , that is, if we want it to go to work, to make routes by road, roads or mountains, the distance we will travel with it and if we are going to need motor assistance or not, type of route that we are going to do mainly.

Depending on the answer we have for all these questions, we must choose the type of bicycle we need. Making the right choice in this regard will mean that we make more easy routes and that it is easier for us to use daily. In this way, it is crucial to decide if we want a broad, small, road, mountain, folding bike.

Without a doubt, depending on the type of route and distance, we must know well what the minimum autonomy that an electric bicycle should offer us should be. Besides, if we are going to need to transport it manually, we must also take into account if it is foldable and of course, the weight of the bike. The budget we have will directly influence our decision, so it is essential that we also have manifest money we can or want to spend on an electric bicycle.

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