How to Start Playing Bowling

How to Start Playing Bowling

1. Hold the ball correctly

First, grab your ball and head to the right place in front of the bowling alley. Place your middle finger and ring finger in the first 2 holes and place your thumb in the bottom hole.

  • Hold the ball slightly to one side with your hand holding the ball below the ball and your other hand resting on the underside of the ball for extra support.
  • Keep your thumb on top of the ball at the 10 o’clock position (on a clock) if you are right handed. Use the 2 o’clock position if you are left-handed.

2. Approach the fault line

The standard approach is to stand with your back straight, shoulders centered squarely toward your target, and your knees slightly bent. The arm holding the ball should be stretched down on your side. Your back should be tilted slightly forward.

Your feet should be slightly apart and the foot you slide should be placed slightly in front of the other foot. It must be the opposite of the hand you use to play (a right-handed player slips with his left foot).

3. Practice driving the ball well

Your bowling lane should have a series of points 2 meters down the driveway and the black arrows about 4.7 meters down the driveway. If you are a beginner, your goal should be to roll the ball in the center of these brands. Once you have improved your bowling skill, you can aim to the left or right of the marks when you want to have a curved ball.

  • Even if you run your ball in the middle of the marks, you may not be able to tip the pins because the ball may slow down or roll further to the gutters. Note where the ball rolls when you throw, do not have a too rigid game on each frame and adjust the trajectory accordingly.
  • Have a goal to aim at the marks, not the bowling pins.

4. Let go of the ball

Keep a straight posture, without twisting your body, as well as the position of your ball and hands should be relatively the same, below and behind the ball while swinging the arm. Gently swing the arm that holds the ball back and then forward to release the ball. Release the ball with the arm throwing it as far forward as possible.

  • If you throw the ball correctly, your thumb should come out first, followed by the other fingers. This should allow a rotation of the ball, which should help the ball to take a curved trajectory and be trained down the track.
  • Keep an eye on where you are going when you drop the ball. If you look at your feet or the ball, you will lose your balance and will not be able to aim properly.

5. Wipe your hands after finishing your throw

Make sure your hands are completely dry each time you pick up the ball to start playing again. Use a cloth to wipe your hands or at least wipe your hands on your pants if you do not have one. If your hands are still clammy, the ball may slip from your hands.

You can also use rosin, which you can find in all stores offering bowling accessories, to make your fingers and thumb slightly sticky and less slippery.

6. Count the score throughout the match

Most bowling clubs have a computer near the seats that allows you to record the score. If a club does not have a computer, then you will be given a score sheet to record your scores. In any case, the process is the same. Here’s how to save the score.

The area on the top left of each frame is to note the score of the first ball and the box on the left is for the second ball and if you have a strike. A strike is marked by an “X” and a spare with a “/”.

7. Finish near the foul line

To throw the ball with maximum efficiency, you should be about 15 cm from the foul line. In this way, the ball will travel very little distance behind the fault line before touching the track. It will conserve more energy to hit the pins. By stopping too far from the foul line, you will need to move further to throw the ball.

Remember that the strike counts for 10 points plus the points of the next two balls, while a spare earns 10 points plus the points of the next ball. If you make a strike with the first ball in frame 10, you get two balls to determine your final score. The highest score you can get is 300 points.

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