Types of bikes for children and adults – how to choose the right settings and type of movement

Types of bikes for children and adults – how to choose the right settings and type of movement

All lovers of fast cycling and sports should know how to choose a bike, what are its parameters, characteristics and types. The correct selection of a vehicle will make driving easier. When buying, you need to pay attention to the type of bike, its height, weight and design features. Women, men, children and adolescents will suit different models.

What is a bicycle?

Before choosing a bike, you need to understand what type of mechanism it is. By definition, a bicycle is a wheeled vehicle driven by muscular force. At the same time, levers controlled by the legs are used. Two-wheeled bikes are popular types, for three wheels. Modern models are often fitted with an electric drive.


Different models are distinguished according to the type of road taken by the driver, the size of the wheels and individual characteristics. Here are some bikes:

  1. MTB – The most popular mountain bike in the world is suitable for rough terrain, rough terrain, smooth asphalt. They are distinguished by wide tires, the presence of shock absorbers, a powerful tread, a speed selector. Varieties of mountain bikes: initial derailleur, amateur, semi and professional.
  2. Female – different low chassis, bright design, good handling, reliable.
  3. Children – are distinguished by a small diameter of the wheels, the simplicity of the frame design, side wheels for stability, soft pads. They are divided by the age of the driver: from 3 years, 3-5 years, 5-9 years …
  4. Teenage – has small wheels, comfortable control, wings, a step.
  5. Folding – convenient for transport and storage. Several gears and short stroke forks are installed on them.
  6. Comfortable universal models – for quiet driving on asphalt. They have a good fit, a comfortable saddle, a flexible rear shifter. These include hardtails, road models, tandems (doubles) and cruisers.
  7. Double suspensions – mountain subspecies with two shock absorbers. Big weight difference and high price.
  8. For extreme driving – they have robust structures, designed for stunts or heavy loads.
  9. Road bikes are the fastest, designed for riding on smooth asphalt or for sports. Make the difference between a folded steering wheel, a thin frame, tall wheels and narrow tires.
  10. City – for driving on the ground or on asphalt, have an elegant design, good handling, increased safety.
  11. Hybrid bikes – equipped with an electric motor driven by a battery.

Bike selection

To know how to choose the right bike, you need to understand some parameters. Beginners should pay attention to the brands, determine the technical criteria, and this:

  • the weight
  • speed
  • permeability;
  • bicycle frame and steering wheel geometry;
  • wheel size and thickness;
  • bicycle saddles;
  • type of movement – high speed asphalt riding, waterfalls and jumps, driving over rough terrain, walks in the park.


To choose the right bike, you don’t have to buy the most expensive bike. You should focus on the following categories:

  • the amount of plastic – the less the better;
  • brand name – if it is not there, it is better to refuse the purchase;
  • the presence of additional accessories – it does not matter, because a good model may not have headlights, generator or mirrors;
  • rigid bicycle saddles – should not be too wide;
  • connecting rods – choose better aluminum;
  • front frame cushioning – should be tight for long life;
  • weight – up to 10 kg is better than 20 kg, if not a mountain model;
  • Plastic pedals serve very little and quickly break down, causing other components to break

For men

Depending on the type of riding, the skills of an athlete or an amateur, men should buy the following models:

  • mountain – semi-rigid (with front shock absorber), with two suspensions (two) or extreme;
  • highway – high speed, low weight, suitable for good pavement;
  • comfortable – for asphalt, smooth roads, light soils;
  • for long tourist trips;
  • extreme hardtail – for figures and heavy loads.

type of bike


For women

Bikes for women are characterized by a low frame, a beveled tube, a reduced weight and a flexible shock absorber. You can select the following models.

  • mountain with a front fork – popular, suitable for the city and high quality cover, off road;
  • highway – can be foldable, cyclocross;
  • comfortable – optimal for the city.


Unlike adult models, children have a small wheel diameter, bright colors and an increased level of safety. How to choose a bike for a child – the following models are suitable:

  • up to two years – the presence of a toy box, the third wheel;
  • 2-4 years – four-wheeled (two small wheels are attached to the rear wheel);
  • 3-6 years – similar to adults, but have additional wheels;
  • over 6 years – two wheels with equipment protection;
  • over 10 years – adolescents with foot brakes on the rim.

By height

An important purchasing factor is the possibility of choosing a bike in height or size. The right choice provides more comfort. The weight of the cyclist does not matter when choosing a size, the parameter itself is indicated on the seat tube by letters or numbers. In proportion to this, the distance between the seatpost and the steering wheel changes (the greater the growth, the further the steering wheel is removed). It is optimal to choose the size of the bike as follows: between the groin and the upper tube of the frame, the palm must be able to pass freely.

The frame should be measured upright at the seat tube and for easy off-road or aggressive riding – standing at the steering column. The distance between the tube and the groin should not be less than 3-4 cm, but depending on the size of the person, the height of the frame (in inches) changes:

  • 14-140-150 cm, very small;
  • 16 – 150-165 cm, small;
  • 18-165-178 cm, medium;
  • 20-180-190 cm, above average;
  • 22 – 194-203 cm, wide;
  • 24 – 198-210 cm, extra large with a large saddle.


Selecting a bike by parameters

You must choose a movement model based on several descriptions. According to them, there are different varieties of bikes:

  1. Depending on the frame material – alloy steel (inexpensive models), chrome-molybdenum (bicycle alloy), aluminum (expensive) or carbon fiber (carbon, the most expensive, lightest and most material resistant).
  2. By type of connection or assembly – Japanese Shimano parts are common, they have characteristics – the higher the group, the lighter the aluminum alloys, the more careful processing, the better appearance.
  3. By type of braking mechanism – disc brakes (better bike control), rim (lighter, cheaper, easier).
  4. By type of drive – cable (mechanical, inexpensive, easy to maintain), hydraulic (extended service, full brake control), mechanical-hydraulic (the best option).
  5. By brand – models of famous brands are of high quality.
  6. By growth – proceed from the parameters indicated above.
  7. In terms of steering wheel size, depending on the type of bike: the road and hybrid models are equal to the shoulder width, the mountain models are 2.5 to 6 cm larger, for complex routes from 27 inches.
  8. In terms of wheel diameter – wide wheels for difficult journeys and in the mountains, medium – for urban and forest walks.

How to Choose a Men’s Mountain Bike

If a young man thinks which bike is better to buy, it is better to choose a mountain bike, as the most popular model. They are divided into the following subspecies:

  1. Off road – hardtail or double hooking (representing a rigid fork) on aluminum frames, suitable for all routes.
  2. Off road – have a more durable frame, a great race of shock absorbers.
  3. For cross-country – dynamic, light, designed for competition.
  4. For freeride or downhill, their speed characteristics differ.
  5. To make jumps – to make turns.

The selection of a men’s mountain bike must be made according to the following main parameters and characteristics:

  1. Type of shock absorber – hardtail (front shock absorber to reduce hand fatigue), double suspension (plus rear shock absorber, increases weight, price, comfort, high speed control).
  2. Wheel diameter – measured in inches. 26 – the most popular, 29 – heavier, accelerates more slowly, but gives a strong boost of a pedal turn, 24 – for children.
  3. Frame – in aluminum, steel, titanium or carbon fiber. Lightweight – chrome-molybdenum, durable and expensive – titanium, carbon – the most expensive.
  4. The prices – cheap are aluminum, expensive – carbon, with the best body kit.
  5. Brakes – hydraulic and mechanical disc, rim. The first brakes are more confident, their braking force is lower, but they are difficult to replace. Hydraulic brakes are more expensive. The rims are economical, easy to replace, but require more effort to stop.
  6. Depending on the type of main stars and cassette stars, the number of speeds depends on them, the more expensive it is, but more efficient.


Which bike is best for a teenager

A child aged 9 to 12, from a height of 135 to 150 cm, is suitable for teenage bikes which do not differ much from adults, but which have a thinner and narrower steering wheel, a flexible suspension, a frame lowered and a wheel diameter of 20 to 24 inches. Depending on the style of skiing, mountain biking, walking, city biking are suitable for teenagers. It is important to correctly adjust the height of the steering wheel and seat, to choose the right model for height, lightness and handbrake.

For the city and off road

For skiing in the city or on slightly uneven terrain, choose an entry-level mountain bike in chrome-molybdenum, steel or aluminum. The tires for the models choose a medium thickness with a slightly developed tread. For added comfort, it’s good to buy a double suspension in carbon, aluminum or steel. Mechanical or hydraulic drive is optimal, and it is best to choose a lightweight construction.

For walks in the woods

A road bike is chosen for walking in the forest or the city. It stands out for its large size, its robust steel frame, its raised handlebars, its wheel diameter of less than 28 inches, its average tire thickness, its 32 to 36 spokes. For long and comfortable driving, a sport touring model with a curved steering wheel, a light and durable frame and multi-speed rear hubs is suitable.

Popular manufacturers

If you choose well-known models, you can speak with confidence of the high quality and long life of these vehicles. Among the brands of bicycle manufacturers, the following are popular – they are sold in large numbers in stores and on websites, and have won the trust of consumers:

  • To transfer
  • Schwin;
  • Giant
  • Stels
  • Shulz.

Bike price

It is better to buy bikes on the Internet or in specialized sports stores. Their cost depends on the type of destination, the material of manufacture, the number of gears, the size of the wheels, the popularity of the brand. The approximate prices are indicated in the table:


Price range, rubles

Downhill mountain biking 10000-40000
Female models 7500-16000
Baby bmx 3000-6000
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