what do enzymes do?

what do enzymes do?

Enzymes, what do those mean? What are the points?

Only a living food   can give birth to life.

The enzymes (Latin Zume = sourdough) enable the transformation of food into useful chemical structure for assimilation.

They are the catalysts of the chemical reactions of the Metabolic Cooking 

They are destroyed by cooking beyond 45 °.

There are 3 different types of enzymes in our body:

– Nutritive enzymes:

These are the exogenous enzymes of the different raw foods we eat, the ones that nature has planned to pre-digest food.

They are the main source of energy for our food vitality.

Living plant cells have an enormous wealth of various enzymes that allow self-digestion of raw foods, making them much more digestible than cooked.

– Digestive enzymes:

They are secreted by the pancreas and digestive juices when we eat cooked food.

When one eats cooked, the body devotes most of its enzymatic potential to making digestive enzymes, to the detriment of other functions of metabolism and vital energy.

We are often a little tired as a result of a ” good-big  cooked meal …

– Metabolic enzymes:

They serve to maintain the metabolic balance for the proper functioning of organs,  to replace the elements of the body when they become exhausted, age or suffer from disease.

The body appeals to them too when one eats too much fat, sweetened, or fried, and that the production of digestive enzymes is not enough any more to face the digestion.

We have a stock determined at birth, and current scientists agree that it is not renewed.

It is the enzymatic potential that defines longevity.

So, the more you eat raw, the more you save your enzymatic potential.

Whoever eats cooked (thus, without enzyme), uses a huge amount of digestive enzymes (to ensure proper digestion), or even its metabolic enzymes.

This does not mean that we must ban this mode of food preparation, but minimize them without food sectarianism, knowing that we  feed  on raw, and that we  eat  the rest.

If you want to cook food, opt for stewing or soft steaming.

Add a drizzle of cold pressed olive oil before serving, instead of browning with your vegetables

Do not use a microwave oven and reserve fries in exceptional cases. You can not do health with poison.

Hippocrates said:  All diseases are the consequence of our way of life. The return to health is very easy by gradually abandoning its packaging and addictions through the adoption of a natural diet. 

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