What is a chair massage?

What is a chair massage?

The real relax massage chair has become a great substitute for therapeutic massage. It’s a great way to relax or relieve yourself when you’re suffering from headaches, stress, back, neck, buttocks, or even leg pain. The majority of people looking for a massage chair have at least one of these symptoms … It has been proven that massage chairs work wonders for each of these ailments. In fact, most people who have bought a massage chair are less and less in need of care for the treatment of these common diseases.

Some, on the other hand, are equipped with a massage chair for simple relaxation at home. They are looking for a nice massage chair that looks good in their living room or in their office, so they can relax while watching a movie or listening to music. It is also a very good reason to buy a massage chair!

But if you plan to invest in this type of device, there are some things to consider before you buy. What you are about to read will give you exactly the elements you need and want to know. It is not enough to simply sit in a chair to determine if a model is good or not. This folder will tell you many behind-the-scenes elements that will help you make your decision easier. You’ve thought about some of these things like price or design, but you’ll have a whole bunch of things you’ve probably never thought of. A cheap massage chair is not the only criterion to consider. This guide is designed to make things clearer before you decide to give up your hard earned money.


The user chooses to activate this or that function using a remote control or a screen. The chair has a kind of brain: a memory card that allows you to record personalized or pre-established massage programs . Sometimes, the chairs include a low part to rest or even massage the legs and feet, using rollers or airbags. Some are also equipped with a heated backrest . Finally, the whole is covered with a coating that must be strong to withstand the heat and friction of the rollers.

The quality of each of these elements is essential, it is of it that depends the efficiency of the massages made by a chair. The latest models offer several innovations: some are a real plus but others are gadgets that do not add much to the benefits of massage.


However, on most massage chairs, it is possible to adjust the intensity and speed of the massage . In addition, the technologies of airbag massage and morphological detection give modern armchairs new possibilities. In other words, if the human hand is not imitated, it is sometimes not far away.

The massage therapist remains a human first of all, it is not always easy for him to massage several people in a row with the same efficiency. The chair does not know fatigue. A massage chair can be used for the whole family, or all the staff of an office without fainting. For lovers of vigorous massage, the quality of percussion performed by a massage chair is a strong argument. For the most modest, the absence of a third and the opportunity to be massaged without having to take off his clothes are also interesting.

But other reasons may lead to the purchase of a massage chair: once installed in your home or office, you can use it daily, without worrying about appointments or travel; the cost of a massage becomes much lower than with a massage therapist. Indeed, if two people sit each day in a chair at 3000 euros, for 5 years, each massage is less than 1 euro. You too, it makes you think?



A chair worthy of the name must reproduce the basic techniques of the masseur . These are numerous and meet a specific objective and technique. Thus, the bearings consist in sliding a pressure along a muscle, they are effective in stretching them, and eliminate stress-related tensions.

As for percussion , also called tapping according to their intensity, they are performed by rollers and massage heads that hit the backrest in the most tense areas of your back, in order to undo the knots and muscle adhesions.

Kneading is also widely used to relieve lumbar and shoulders. It consists of circular movements imitating the kneading and which leave on each side of the spine and then move towards the flanks.

Vibrations can also integrate the massage, to accelerate the blood circulation and the lymphatic circulation, which favors the elimination of the toxins, and decreases the accumulated tensions.

Finally, more or less strong and more or less prolonged pressure act on the level of the feet or on the whole body, on the points-clicks or points of acupuncture which govern the functioning of other organs.Mélanger the techniques for always more welfare

It’s up to you to choose the movements that suit each area of ​​your body, to adjust their intensity, speed and duration. Some chairs offer the possibility of combining them. Thus the function “wavelet” (wavelets) is a mix of kneading and percussion : circular movements sweep your back by exerting stronger pressure near the column, as would a massage therapist.

The diversity and efficiency of the movements of a massage chair depend on the number of motors, rollers and massage balls. If a motor performs several functions, it will weaken faster. The ideal is that a motor is assigned to each function of massage, which allows to combine them with the envi, as if several pairs of hands took care of you .


The newest armchair models are equipped with sensory sensors that can detect the contours of your body , find out which areas are thinner or fleshier, and even measure body pulsations to identify stressed or tense areas . The massage adapts perfectly to your body shape, instead of massaging in a vacuum, where your shoulders should be if you measured the standard size. This device is particularly interesting for shiatsu massage, which acts on very specific points of the body and where precision is required.

Of course, nothing requires you to use these functions, you can be very tall and very sturdy and enjoy a light massage, or prefer to create your own program and memorize it, or renew it at each session according to your needs, instead to opt for pre-defined programs.


There are so many techniques that can be combined with each other. And they will be applied according to your needs. As much to tell you that the possibilities are very numerous.

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