what is car diagnostic ?

what is car diagnostic ?

Multi-brand diagnostic case: which one to choose?

In the age of everything connected and electric, detecting the origin of a car failure is proving to be a difficult and expensive task. However, with tools like the multi-brand automotive diagnostic case, it is possible to make your own diagnosis while saving money.

In which case to use a diagnostic case?

Car manufacturers of all brands (Renault, Peugeot, Ford, Citroën, Opel, BMW, Volkswagen, etc.) are integrating more and more electronic components into the car models they offer. Thus, it becomes difficult to be able to diagnose an anomaly on your vehicle without having recourse to the famous diagnostic kit of mechanics .

You can use a diagnostic case on different occasions , when you have broken down of course but also when you buy a used car, or when you have to pass your technical check etc …

What mechanical parts can be diagnosed by a suitcase?

Capable of detecting any car breakdown, it allows you to pinpoint the origin of the problem. Today, many models of car diagnostic device are spreading in the market.

As a result, it is now possible for any average motorist to get one of these auto diagnostic readers and to interpret alone the anomalies that affect their car.

The mechanical parts which can be detected as being defective by the scanner are numerous: it can be as well engine parts as safety parts like airbags, ABS, ESP etc … The number of elements which can be diagnosed depends on the case that you buy… and the price that you want to pay!

Which model of automotive diagnostic case to choose?

Which diagnostic case to choose?

The first question you should ask yourself when thinking of purchasing a diagnostic case is, “What will I use it for?” “. Indeed, if you want to diagnose several cars of different brands , such as Dacia, Fiat or Mazda, we advise you to opt for a multi-brand diagnostic case. In addition, if you want to use your scanner for professional use, you will have to go through a multi-brand diagnostic case no matter what.

However, if for example you plan to diagnose only one vehicle, or even cars of the same brand, you can opt for a manufacturer-specific case. However, it may happen one day that you change your vehicle, or that a member of your entourage needs to have a car diagnostic done. Therefore, opting directly for a multi-brand case may allow you to avoid reinvesting in the future in another diagnostic case.

The multi-brand diagnostic unit

There are many on the market, of different brands and capacities, from the simplest to the most advanced. The universal enclosures are suitable for all types of vehicles, regardless of model and brand. The housings base have a black and white screen and system keys right / left, up / down …

More modern automotive diagnostic cases have more advanced features.

Why use an auto diagnostic case?

It is essential to use an auto diagnostic case for the good health of your car . If you use the diagnostic kit on a regular basis, you will be able to monitor the progress of certain components of your engine, your transmission system or your immobilizer system.

The scanner will search for the fault. You can then proceed to repair your engine, then after erasing the fault codes and erasing the engine warning light.

Do you know the expression “Better safe than sorry”? The same goes for your car. Performing regular maintenance will allow you to monitor the status of some of your components , even before one of your lights comes on on your dashboard. What to anticipate possible problems which could subsequently lead to serious damage to your car, and therefore cost you a very substantial sum from your garage!

The interface and the auto diag software

The offer of software and scanner for sale is very important. For convenience, you can purchase the reader and the auto diagnostic software at the same time. Then all you have to do is plug into your car’s OBD socket and you’re done.

When choosing your scanner, pay attention to the compatibility with your vehicle and the language of your software. Many are not available in French.

Regarding cases purchased in China, be careful with the language and the quality of the case. Usually in English, you may have difficulty finding and diagnosing car breakdowns if you do not master Shakespeare’s language, in this case choose French software.

Prefer an OBDII reader which will give you the details and data of your problem in French and shipped from France. Also check the delivery time which from China can be very long.

Tip: For an engine diagnosis (antipollution) and transmission (gearbox) know that all gasoline cars are compatible from 2001 and Diesel from 2004

How do these tools work?

Do you see a light on your dashboard? It’s time to use your diagnostic case .

The suitcase : plug your device into the diag socket (OBD socket) of your car. It must be located inside the passenger compartment, not far from the driving position. Turn on the device and start your vehicle. The analysis then begins, in a few minutes, your device detects the fault and displays the fault code (or error code) which gives the details.

The diagnostic software or application : connect the diagnostic unit to the OBD2 diagnostic socket of your vehicle by connecting it to a computer or a smartphone (Android or iPhone). Launch your application then switch on the ignition of your vehicle. You can now start the analysis of your car failure with the OBDII software. The software will give you detailed explanations of your fault and will allow you to erase the fault code and the engine warning light.

Save money by using your suitcase

By equipping yourself with an automotive diagnostic tool , you are guaranteed to save money on the maintenance of your vehicle. With the use of an auto diagnostic device, you are now instantly notified of the nature of the fault . Thus, if it is small interventions such as changing the cabin filter, replacing your battery or changing spark plugs, you can carry out the repairs yourself.

By carrying out the repairs yourself instead of calling a mechanic, it is possible to save up to several hundred euros .

If you are not at all a handyman or for more important problems, all you have to do is go to the garage which will diagnose your car and repair the fault detected safely.

You are probably wondering where the use of owning a diag case is if you are not a handyman. Whatever the fault, you will not be able to remedy it without calling a professional? Keep in mind that by knowing the nature of the problem, the mechanic will not be able to invent fictitious faults, you will know exactly where the defective part is located (faults on the flowmeter, faults on the lambda probe, EGR valve, filter particle or DPF, glow plugs etc …). Thus, no more bills with exorbitant amounts.

Tip: If you want to buy a used car, consider having a suitcase with you for a quick diagnosis of the vehicle.

What is the price of these devices?

Which diagnostic case to buy?

The price range of diagnostic cases varies widely. Entry-level devices and interfaces, sold without software, start at € 15. There are also more complete and more advanced OBD2 diagnostic units in the 60-120 € range. Finally, high-end devices cost more than 1000 € or even several thousand euros for some. There are no secrets, the more expensive the devices and the more comprehensive its features. However, to have a high- performance auto diag case , it is not necessary to pay a high price, mid-range devices are quite efficient.

Also, choose your case according to your needs, especially if it is intended for frequent or exceptional use.


Opting for a diagnostic case AND carrying out regular diagnostics on your vehicle (s) means making sure to avoid problems that could cause small problems, or even worse cause big breakages! The maintenance of your vehicle is not to be taken lightly .

Whether in terms of the engine, transmission, immobilizer, zero emission systems, OBD readers can allow you to sift through a good number of computers (or ECUs) present in your vehicle. For example if you want to scan your catalytic converter (or catalytic converter), you can do so with your car diagnostic case.

Even if you are not the king of car mechanics, you can still easily check the condition of your engine yourself, thanks to this car scanner.

To make your car suitcase work, consider taking a car diagnostic interface that best suits your habits, either diagnostic software or an application.

So much for this article on automotive diagnostics, if you have any advice or questions, please let us know in the comments .
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