What is the best game console for kids?

What is the best game console for kids?

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You may have been hassled by kids for the latest and best game console for kids. If you can’t hear the sound, all my friends have a good person, but the merchant said, believe me – supplications are coming .

When I was growing up, I often begged my mother to give me a best video game system, because playing games on a big screen TV was great definition and finally, after weeks of questions and argument, she finally got it made give up.

Thinking back to that time, it was probably difficult for him to choose the console, mainly, since there were only a few candidates to choose from. Fast forward to today and the options are plentiful and can be overwhelming. Each console is marketed newer, cooler and more advanced and each type has different and unique characteristics. So that begs the question, what is the best game console for kids today? The answer: Nintendo Switch.


You may be wondering why should I buy this console? And is it worth it? Well, the Nintendo Switch just came out in early March, but it has shown great promise. I’ll explain 4 reasons why you should keep the switch on your radar.


Looking over the shoulder of a boy playing video games on a Nintendo Switch on a lap
As the successor to the Wii U owners of Wii U, Switch chose where the old console ended. This combined system can be played not only at home but everywhere, as it is also a solid portable console. This means that your child will be entertained on the move (hint: perfect for long trips by car).

The battery life can last up to almost 7 hours at full charge and its tablet-type LCD touch screen can support multi-touch function. At home, just plug the switch into the charging station and use HDMI cables, bam! – on the big screen. Supporting resolutions up to 1080p, Nintendo Switch on HD screens does not disappoint.


Nintendo has always been synonymous with family fun. Mario is a subject familiar to adults and children, especially for generations of players. With games like Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon 2, Minecraft, Just Dance and many other games. The whole family can join the fun!


  • Nintendo Switch Vs Wii U
    You may be wondering: why should I buy Nintendo Switch when the Wii U has more games? Now, that may be true from the start, but the Wii U has been on its last legs for quite some time now. That said, game developers no longer create new games for them.
  • Nintendo Switch Vs Xbox One
    Being able to play games on the go is the ultimate lever that Nintendo Switch has surpassed Xbox One, it goes beyond novelty, to really combine the gaming experience beyond physical limits. Although the memory and resolution are a little lower than that of the Xbox One (due to the extremely small size of the Switch panel), the portability and performance of the Switch are superior to these factors.
  • Nintendo Switch Vs PS4
    Flexibility adds an extra hand to the Nintendo Switch. Unlike the PS4, the console can be used in different modes: tablets, handheld computers, supported and used with wireless gamepads. Joy-Con controllers are part of the portable joystick, partial controllers and add additional experience. Complemented by Rum HD Rumble, Joy-Cons allows users to detect game objects.


Nintendo has really succeeded in this regard. With Nintedo Switch Parental Cont …, you can adjust your child’s use during leisure time and more! While the native Nintendo Switch parent controllers are solid, that is certainly not all. Using an additional parental control tool, such as Net Nanny, can provide added online protection for the rest of your digital needs.


The Nintendo Switch has a current retail price of $ 300, but with all the features it can implement, it’s well worth the price. Children who love video games will not go away anytime soon. But with this modern hybrid console, its portability and its dynamism, Nintendo Switch will entertain all your famit for years.

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