Which HD video baby monitor to choose and how?

Which HD video baby monitor to choose and how?

In the following paragraphs we will give you buying advice, possible solutions and answers to the most frequently asked questions. All this with the aim of course to help you make better choices and buy better.

What is a baby monitor and how does it work?

A baby monitor is a device allowing parents to watch over their offspring when they are alone in their berth.

Its operation is simple. Indeed, this broadcasting device to listen (remotely) to the noises caused by baby includes 1 transmitter which must be installed in the baby’s room and 1 receiver near the parent or the person who takes care of the child’s care .

Some models only offer audio while the models that interest us in this comparison benefit from both audio and video. In addition, the models we have selected offer the best image qualities on the market.

With such a baby monitor, no more worries! You will be able to spend wonderful evenings with your loved one, complete household chores or even take care of your other children with the greatest peace of mind.

How much does a good baby monitor cost?

The price you will pay your monitor is most of the time directly related to its capabilities as well as its functionality.

Generally, the minimum you should pay for a good entry-level model is around $70 , while the most advanced models can retail for prices around $250 

Fortunately, when carrying out this classification, we selected only for you the best baby videophones with advantageous quality / price ratios.

Where to buy a video baby monitor?

Most good big box stores have a few baby monitor models. However, it very often happens that the choice is limited and this complicates the task of the buyer who does not know if the few baby monitors offered are of good quality.

This is why we strongly recommend the purchase of a baby monitor over the internet . Generally, via a site like Amazon, you will be able to receive your purchase quickly and even for free (in mainland France).

So there is no need to go to the shops because all the recognized brands are available on the web.

An audio and / or video monitor?

Although this buying guide only covers audio and video monitors, it is possible for you, if your budget is limited, to obtain audio models only. These are less expensive than the models benefiting from video but they also have certain disadvantages.

Indeed, when you benefit from the video it will be possible for you to be more serene and more in control of the situation. You will see all the movements of babies (movements, breathing, sideways changes) while if you only had an audio monitor this would not be possible.

It’s up to you to see what best suits your needs and your portfolio.

What is the range of a baby monitor?

Most good quality models offer a range of around 300 meters. Please note, however, that this range potential is calculated directly and without obstacles between the two monitoring devices. We also noted that some companies which display a range of 300 meters are not all exact and not all equivalent.

At this level it is better to trust the tests that we have carried out in the field in order to give you a better idea of ​​the power of the range.

Night vision and infrared camera

Most mid and high range models have night vision which activates automatically depending on the ambient light. This is of course a more than interesting and important function because most of the time baby will sleep in a dark environment.

In our opinion, this is a must and we particularly recommend the models which have this capacity.

Two-way communication

Yes it is important to be able to hear all the sounds that baby makes during his moments of relaxation but what would you say if you were able to speak to him too in order to reassure him without having to move?

Most of the good models on the market offer two-way communication so that you can talk to your baby to try to calm his fidgeting or crying.

In addition, some models also benefit from lullabies that you can trigger remotely! This is one of the most popular features among young parents.

Additional cameras

Some video baby monitors can operate with more than one camera (normally the maximum per device is 4). If you have several babies, you can therefore monitor them all at the same time! A monitor like this is therefore suitable for large families.

The temperature sensor

As a parent, we want our offspring to be as comfortable as possible, right? Well with the new baby phone models this year it is now possible to be alerted remotely if the temperature of the room where baby rests becomes too cool or too hot.

Are baby monitor waves dangerous?

While this is a source of concern for many parents, there are no studies currently showing any problem in children.

To reassure you and go preventively, we still compared the waves emitted from all models and favored 5 models with low emissions.

Which brand of baby monitor video is the best?

With all the right products on the market now, it’s hard for us to tell which is the best of all. Despite this, we can provide you with a list that we believe includes the best brands in terms of longevity, after-sales service (SAV) and warranty.

Here are the brands to favor: Motorola , Philips , LBS Medical , Nuk , Luvion , UU Infant , HelloBaby , VTech and Samsung .Nest baby monitor

I want to fix my baby monitor on the crib, is it possible?

Of course! There are bed attachments for baby monitors on the market . On the other hand, it is necessary to choose well because several models are not compatible with certain monitors.

If you don’t want to go wrong, the most attractive model of bed fixation on the market today is the flexible universal support for baby camera FlexxiCam .

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